EL7 Series

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Control modes: EtherCAT, Modbus RTU, Pulse+Direction, Analogue control

EL7-EC servo drives now available with STO SIL3

ABZ encoder with differential ABZ and OCZ output

Motors with 23-bits magnetic/optical encoder available

Motors are automatically matched to driver once connected

Various servo drive functions: Zero tracking control, vibration suppression with notch filters, easy servo tuning and many more!

I/O settings user configurable

EC models:

-4 Digital inputs

-3 Digital outputs

-2 Analog inputs

-2 high speed touch probe inputs 

RS models:

-8 Digital inputs

-5 Digital outputs

-2 Analog inputs

-1 Analog output

EL7 220V series

Servo drive power rating from 400W to 2000W

Matching motors with power rating from 50W to 2000W

EL7 380V series

Servo drive power rating from 750W to 7500W

Matching motors with power rating from 750W to 7500W

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