ELD3 Series

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Supports various protocols

ELD3 series servo drives can be controlled using EtherCAT, CANopen and Modbus RTU communication protocol. Besides that, pulse and analogue control are available as well. Leadshine ELD3 can also be applied in controlling of linear motors.

ELD3 DC Servo-1

Full closed loop control

ELD3 series servo drives support full closed loop control which can eliminate the position deviation due to mechanical gap, and precision will have an obvious improvement.

ELD3 DC Servo

Easy tuning

Follow a few simple steps to get servo tuning done. Tested and proven to be easy to use and effective.

ELD3 DC Servo

Safe Torque Off

When Safe Torque Off is activated, internal circuit will cut off motor power supply immediately, guaranteeing operator and machine safety.

ELD3 DC Servo

Can be matched to many types of motors

Slotless Motor, ELVM Series DC Servo Motor, Brush Motor, Motor with Hall Encoder, Voice Coil.

ELD3 DC Servo

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