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● Step & direction (PUL/DIR) or CW/CCW (double pulse) control

● 150-230 VAC supply voltage

● 200 KHz max pulse input frequency  

● 16 microstep resolutions of 200-25,600 via DIP switches, or 200-51,200 via software 

● 8 output current settings of 2.8-11.7A via DIP Switches, or 0.5-11.7A via software

● Configurable control command smoothing for reducing motor vibration

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

By implementing the latest DSP current control technology, Leadshine 3DM2283 is a high performance 3-phase digital stepper drive. It takes step & direction or CW/CCW control commands, and is very simple to implement in OEM applications.

The 3DM2283 stepper drive adopts advanced features like electrical damping, anti-resonance, start-up smoothing, multi-stepping... With the input voltage of 90 - 230 VAC / 115 - 325 VDC and output current of 2.10 - 11.7 A, it is capable of driving a wide range of 3-phase stepper motors with high precision at extra smoothness, quietness, and very low motor heating.

Its multi-Stepping feature allows a low resolution step input to produce a much higher microstep output for smoother & quiet motor movement, and much lower motor heating. This feature will significantly improve the performance of your stepper control systems.

The 3DM2283 stepper drive is easy to setup and configure via DIP switches. There are 16 resolution settings from 200 - 25600, and 7 output current settings from 2.10 - 11.7A. Also, a user can simply set the idle current to full (100%) or 50% of the output current via a DIP switch.

Its motor auto identification and drive self-configuration feature allows quick and easy setup for various motors at optimal performance.

For advanced users, Leadshine offers tuning software for performance fine-tuning. A user can tune a stepper motor's three resonance areas (usually around 0.5 rps, 1 rps, and 2 rps) to reduce noise and vibration, set microstep resolution to any value from 200 to 104,000 (increase by 200), and configure output current to any value of 2.1 - 11.7A (increased by 0.1A); and idle current of 1-100% of output current.

Technical Data
Command SourcePUL&DIR,   CW&CCW
Operation Voltage (VDC)180-240VAC
Output Current (A, Peak)2.2-11.7A
Input Frequency (KHz, Max.)200
Logical Voltage (VDC)5
# of Inputs3
# of Outputs1
Characteristics3-phase motor

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