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● Main power voltage: 24-48VDC. Rated voltage: 36VDC

● Rated power: 180W. Rated torque: 0.6N.m.

● Pulse + Direction

● 17 bit incremental magnetic encoder

● Dip switch for “Command pulse per revolution”, “rotational direction” and “stiffness”

● RS-232 serial interface for easy tuning with ACHseries

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

Leadshine's iSV series integrated servo motors are one of the most compact servo systems available on the market. An iSV integrated servo has a servo motor (PMSM or BLDC optional) and an advanced DSP servo drive. At very compact size and with all components integrated, the iSV series servos can save mounting space, eliminate encoder connection and motor wiring time, increase reliability, and lower cable and labor cost. The drive takes step & direction, commands, and is capable of outputting in position and fault signals back to the master controller or external devices for complete system controls.

Technical Data
Frame size (mm)57
Rated power (W)180
Rated voltage (VDC)36
Rated torque (Nm)0.6
Rated speed (r/min)3000
Peak torque (Nm)1.1
Maximum speed (r/min)4000
Encoder17   bit incremental magnetic encoder
Weight (kg)1.54
Protection classIP20
Command SourcePulse+Direction



Speed-Torque Curve


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