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  • Servo drives with 1000W power

  • User-configurable I/Os: 8 DI, 3 DO, 2 AI, 2AO and 2 high speed touch probe inputs

  • Equipped with internal regenerative resistor

  • Position, velocity and torque loop control

  • New servo functions including Zero Tracking Control (ZTC), Position comparison, Black box, 1-click/1-parameter easy tunings

  • Safety functions such as Safe Torque Off (STO) with SIL3 grading

  • Matching motors with power rating from 50W to 1000W

  • Motors with 23-bit magnetic/optical encoders

  • Optional holding brake

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

EL8-EC Series AC Servo Product is a whole new high-end AC servo drivers and motors product range that we have proudly developed at Leadshine Technology Co.,Ltd. EL8-EC series AC servo drivers range from power rating of 450W up to 2000W. Our EL8-EC series AC servo drivers supports EtherCAT communication protocol.

Besides our standard servo driver features such as dynamic braking and internal holding brake which comes with internal regenerative resistor, our EL8-EC drivers now also comes with Safe Torque Off (STO) function, Gantry synchronization, Full Closed Loop functionalities and much more.

Technical Data
Input Voltage220VAC 1ph/3ph
Rated Power   (W)1000
Rated Current (Arms)7
Peak Current (Arms)21.2
Command   SourceEtherCAT
# of Inputs8
# of Outputs3



Product Category
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