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● Power supply 20-50VDC

● Output current 0.3-5.6A, 

● Support CANopen field bus, standard protocol of DS301 V4.02 and DSP 402 V2.01 

● Setting address and the baud rate via DIP switch

● Operates in velocity, position or home mode

● 3 digital inputs and 1 digital output, 5-24VDC

● Over voltage and over current, etc. protections

Unit Price: $1.0000

The EM556-CAN is with CANopen standard protocol of DS301 V4.02 and DSP 402 V2.01. It has excellent performance include enhanced reliability, super-low stepper noise, anti-resonance, low-speed ripple smoothing. Adding CANopen allows the drives not only to support operating modes including Profile Position (PP), Profile Velocity (PV), Homing (HM), etc, but also to build a CANopen networks up to 127 nodes. Therefore, Leadshine EM-CAN series is an ideal choice for field-bus applications, which need high reliability and good performance.

Technical Data
Command SourceCANopen
Operation Voltage (VDC)20-50
Output Current (A, Peak)5.6
Input Frequency (KHz, Max.)10
Logical Voltage (VDC)5-24
# of Inputs3
# of Outputs1



Product Category
L e a d s h i n e
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