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● NEMA17, 0.3N.m

● Enhance performance, especially at low-speed application (<60RPM) 

● Soft-start with no “jump” when powered on

● Pulse & direction (PUL&DIR) or CW&CCW (double pulse) control

● 3 digital inputs, 1 optically isolated digital output 

● 14-bit single-turn increment encoder

● RS232 communication for Leadshine software connection

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

iCS series is integrated closed-loop stepper motor with 14-bit single-turn absolute encoder for smooth and jitter-free motor start-up.

iCS series motors output torque can up to 3.5Nm and supports Modbus RS485 communication with Indexer control function. And with a more compact design, it is especially suitable for applications with strict mounting space requirements, and it is easy to use, which can further reduce customers' procurement and labor costs.

Technical Data
Frame Size (NEMA)NEMA17
Length (mm)64
Holding Torque (N.m)0.3
Command SourcePul&Dir
Operation Voltage (VDC)24
Input Frequency (KHz, Max.)200
Logical Voltage (VDC)5
# of Inputs3
# of Outputs1



Speed-Torque Curve


Product Category
L e a d s h i n e
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