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  • 2 phase, NEMA 17 frame size

  • 111 mm (4.37 inch) long

  • 2.5 A phase current

  • 8 mm (0.315 inch) shaft size

  • Built with high quality materials including bearings and shaft made by Japanese manufacturers

  • High precision, low motor heating, and low vibration

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

The CM series stepper motors can be implemented in many industrial motion control applications. Built with premium quality materials including bearings and shaft made by famous manufacturers, they can move the attached load at high precision and with very low motor heating & vibration.

Technical Data
Frame Size (NEMA)17
Length (mm)111
Holding Torque (N.m)/
Phase Current (A)2.5
Shaft Diameter (mm)8
Center Diameter (mm)25
IP RateIP40
Resistance (ohm)1.0
Inductance (mH)2.4
Inertia (kg/cm2)0.11
Weight (kg)0.85



Product Category
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