Product Category


● EtherCAT communication

● Support CiA402 and CoE

● Available 2 probes input

● Support EtherCAT, analog control and pulse control

● Rated voltage 220VAC 1ph/3ph

● Rated power 2000W

● 23-bit high resolution encoder

● Automatic motor identification

● Optional STO

List Price: $ 199.00
Online Special Price: $ 199.00

EL7 Series AC servo drives are high performance AC digital servo drives which is designed for position / velocity / torque high accurate control, 220VAC version power range up to 2kW, 380VAC version power range up to 7.5kW and it can provide intelligent performance with easy tuning process.

Combined with abundant features like MFC, vibration suppression, Multi-mode filter function, etc. It provides machines a compact size, low tuning works, but high resolution encoder up to 23-bit, which can be used for high accuracy applications.

Technical Data
Input Voltage220VAC 1ph/3ph
Rated Power (W)2000
Rated Current (Arms)12
Peak Current (Arms)36
Command SourceEtherCAT
# of Inputs9
# of Outputs6



Product Category
L e a d s h i n e
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