Product Category
  • NEMA 23 motor + stepper drive

  • Step & direction, or CW / CCW controls

  • 0.9 N.m (128 oz-in) holding torque

  • 20 – 50 VDC operating voltage

  • 15 micro-step settings via DIP switches

  • Software configurable custom micro-step & current

  • Anti resonance tuning via software

  • Low and middle speed range anti resonance

  • Smooth motor movement

  • Extra low motor heating and noise

  • Soft-start for no “Jump” when powered on

  • Reduced wiring for easy setup and installation

  • Auto current deduction

Leadshine’s iST-2309 integrated stepper is a NEMA23 stepper motor integrated with an advanced DSP stepper drive. At very compact size and with all components integrated, the iST-2309 can save mounting space, eliminate motor wiring time, reduce interference, and cut/reduce cable and labor costs. By adopting Leadshine’s latest current control technology, the drive of the iST-2309 can drive the stepper motor with high precision, smooth movement, and extra low noise at low speed movement with no obvious resonance area.

Technical Data
Specifications   of the DriveMinTypicalMaxUnit
Input Voltage203650VDC
Output Current0-6.0(Peak)A
Pulse Input Frequency0200500kHz
Pulse Voltage0524V
Logic Signal Current71016mA
Isolation Resistance100--
Holding Torque0.9N*m(128 oz-in)
Motor   Length(L)56mm
Length of   Motor + Drive87.65mm


Product Category
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