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  • Compact integrated design with stepper motor + drive + encoder

  • Fully closed position loop for servo control without loss of steps or stall

  • Load based current from the drive to motor for much lower motor heating

  • Step & direction, or CW/CCW control

  • 2 Nm (285 oz-in) holding torque

  • 20-50VDC input voltage and variable current up to 6A for the drive board

  • 4,000 CPR(1,000-Line) optical incremental encoder

  • 3 digital inputs (PUL, DIR, ENA) and 2 outputs (FAULT, IN POSITION)

  • 10 DIP switch resolution settings of 400, 800, 1,600, 3,200, 6,400, 12,800, 25,600, 51,200, 1,000, 2,000

  • Default 200K input frequency; 500K software configurable

  • Reduced wiring for easy setup and installation

  • No torque reservation for much better high speed performance

  • Quick response time

  • No torque reservation needed

  • No hunting; no overshooting with zero settling time

  • No tuning for plug and play

  • Free tuning software for fine-tuning and customized configurations for advanced users

Leadshine iES-2320 integrated easy servo motor offers an alternative solution to fill the gap between budget open-loop stepper systems, and expensive conventional brushless servo systems. It combines the features of high low-middle speed torque of open loop steppers, and closed-loop movements of brushless servo systems. Integration design with motor, drive, and encoder significantly reduces setup time and cut costs of your control systems. All those advanced feature of the iES-2320 make it ideal for many OEM applications.


With holding torque of 2 Nm (285 oz-in) , the iES-2320 adopts compact integrated design with a stepper motor, a high performance DSP stepper drive, and a high resolution 1,000-line optical encoder to close the loop between and motor and the drive. It has 3 digital inputs including PULSE, DIRECTION, and ENABLE. Its 2 digital outputs are FAULT OUTPUT (signal outputted when an error signal detected) and IN POSITION (signal outputted when target position is reached). Via DIP switches, the user can set iES-2320 step resolutions one of the 10 settings from 200 - 51,200. The user can also use DIP switches to change PULSE Enable setting (Active High/Active Low), and motor rotation direction.


Advanced features over open-loop stepper systems, such as much higher high-speed torque, no loss of movement synchronization, much lower motor heating, no obvious resonance area, etc., make iES-2320 ideal product for upgrading stepper systems to get performance boost for many stepper applications such as medical / biotech equipments, CNC routers, CNC engravers, CNC laser cutting machines, CNC laser marking, CNC plasmas, CNC lathes, lab automation instruments, etc.


Features over traditional brushless servo systems, such as significant lower costs, no hunting, no overshooting, easy setup, etc., make iES-2320 ideal products in many traditional servo applications such as short distance movement boding type machines or vision applications. Its natural feature of high low-speed torque makes iES-2320 a perfect product for replacing many high-cost servo applications with gearhead speed reduction.

Technical Data
Specifications   of the DriveMinTypicalMaxUnit
Input Voltage203650VDC
Output Current0-6.0(Peak)A
Pulse Input Frequency0200500kHz
Pulse Voltage0524V
Logic Signal Current71016mA
Isolation Resistance100--
Holding Torque2.0N*m
Motor   Length(L)80mm
Length of   Motor + Drive111.65mm


Product Category
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