Product Category
  • Compact integrated design with stepper motor encoder drive

  • Stepper motor based servo control

  • Fully closed position loop for servo control without loss of steps

  • Load based current for extra lower motor heating

  • Step & direction control

  • 85 oz-in (0.6 Nm) holding torque

  • 18-38 VDC input voltage and up to 4.2A current

  • 1,000-line incremental encoder

  • Default 200K input frequency; 500K software configurable

  • Minimized wiring for easy installation

  • No torque reservation for 100% torque implementation

  • Quick acceleration

  • No hunting & no overshooting

  • No tuning for almost all applications

The Leadshine iES-1706 integrated easy servo motor is an Nema 17 easy servo motor (stepper motor with encoder) integrated with an easy servo drive. It is highly integrated with a 85 oz-in (0.60 N.m) NEMA 17 stepper motor, a 1000-line encoder, and an easy servo drive 18 - 38VDC / 4.2A. At very compact size, it reduces cabling time & cost, saves mounting space, cuts labor costs, and simplifies setup & installation. By taking step & direction control commands, iES-1706 is ideal for adopted in many OEM applications.


The iES-1706 integrated easy servo motor combines the technologies of both open loop stepper systems and brushless servo systems. It provides an alternative solution of stepper-based servo control.


While keeping the high torque, low cost and easy-to-implement features of open loop stepper systems, iES-1706 outperforms comparable open loop stepper systems in closed position loop for No Loss of Steps, much lower motor heating & noise, much quicker system response time, much faster acceleration, no torque reservation, better high speed performance, etc.


Similar to brushless servo systems, iES-1706 is able to provide real-time servo control and correct any position errors in motor movement. But for many applications, cost for iES-1706 easy servo motor is much lower. It also outperforms brushless servo systems in much higher low-middle speed torque, high stiffness at standstill, no hunting, no overshooting, almost zero settling time, and almost no tuning.


The iES-1706 easy servo motor is ideal for updating all open loop stepper systems, or replaces brushless servo systems in many OEM applications. It has been widely implemented in industries such as CNC machinery, medical, textile, electronics, semiconductor…

Technical Data
Specifications   of the DriveMinTypicalMaxUnit
Input Voltage182438VDC
Output Current0-4.2(Peak)A
Pulse Input Frequency0200500kHz
Pulse Voltage0524V
Logic Signal Current71016mA
Isolation Resistance100--
Holding Torque0.6N*m
Motor   Length(L)49mm
Length of   Motor + Drive82.5mm
Product Category
L e a d s h i n e
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