Product Category
  • Full control for up to 4 stepper motors of NEMA 17, 23, or 24

  • Sophisticated stepper motor control based on the latest DSP technology

  • Built-in breakout board and I/O's

  • Step & direction control

  • Input pulse smoothing for less jittering, higher torque, and quicker response

  • Extra low motor heating & noise

  • Extra smooth motor movement

  • Easy setup and quick configuration

  • Compact size & easy setup

  • 200 KHz maximum frequency for each axis

  • 20-60 VDC supply voltage

  • Convenient individual setting for each axis via DIP switches

  • 8 micro step settings of 200-12,800 (full to 1/64) for each axis

  • 8 output current settings of 1.41 - 6.0A for each axis

  • E-Stop input

  • Fault output

  • 8 general digital inputs including 4 high-speed (200 kHz) ones for 5th and 6th axis control

  • 6 general digital outputs

  • Two 12 VDC auxiliary power outputs

  • Automatic idle current reduction to 50%

Leadshine MX4660 is a 4-axis stepper drive with built-in breakout board and I/O's. It is specially designed to allow EASY and RAPID implementation for full control of 4 stepper motors of frame sizes 17, 23, or 24. By taking step & direction commands, the MX4660 can be easily controlled by motion controllers, PLC’s, CNC software (e.g. Mach 3/4, EMC)…. This makes it ideal for many applications in industries such as CNC machinery (CNC routers, plasma, mills, laser welders, machining centers, jewelry mills…), electronics, semi-conductor, medical, textile, etc. for easy, quick and cost-effective implementation.

Based on the latest DSP technology and Leadshine’s advance stepper control algorithm, the MX4660 adopts features such as anti-resonance, multi-stepping, input pulse smoothing, automatic idle current reduction … It offers high precision, excellent torque, extra low noise, very low motor heating, and smooth driven motor movement. With the working voltage of 20-60VDC and output current up to 6.0A, the MX4660 can drive 4 two-phase stepper motors from NEMA 17 to 24 in full power with high reliability.


The MX4660 is easy to configure without the use of software. With the four DIP switches (one for each axis), a user can easily configure the output current to one of the eight 1.41-6.0A settings, and the micro stepping resolution to one of the eight 200-12,800 (full to 1/64 step) settings. Each axis can have its configurations different from any of other axes to meet its own control requirements.


A Leadshine MX4660 stepper drive has one E-Stop input, one analog input (0-10 VDC), one fault output, 8 general digital inputs, and 6 general digital outputs. This allows quick and easy I/O connections such as E-Stop, home/limit switches, VFD..., to save installation space & time, minimize wiring, increase system reliability, and cut costs. Through the 4 high-speed general digital outputs (200 kHz), the MX4660 also allows control expansion for 2 additional axes, which is ideal to control 5-axis and 6-axis machines/devices.


The MX4660 adopts modular design with 4 individual stepper drive boards. If any the drive boards malfunctions, a user can easily replace it with a SDM660 stepper drive module at minimal cost.

Technical Data
Input Voltage204860VDC
Continuous Current0-6.0(Peak)A
Pulse Input Frequency0-200kHz
Pulse Voltage055V
Logic Signal Current71016mA
Isolation resistance100--



Product Category
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