Product Category
  • 2 phase

  • NEMA 24 frame size

  • 3.0 Nm (425 oz-in) holding torque

  • Speed range: 0 - 3,000 RPM

  • Integrated 1,000-line incremental encoder

  • Smooth movement

  • Low motor heating and noise

ES-M22430 is 3.0 Nm (425 oz-in) 2 phase NEMA 24 stepper motor with integrated 1,000-line incremental encoder. It is built with high quality material and can move smoothly with high precision, very low noise & heating.


When driven by a Leadshine 2 phase ES-D  easy servo drive, the position loop between the motor and drive is fully closed. Therefore, loss of steps which limits adoption of stepper systems is totally eliminated. Because there is no torque resolution needed like in open loop stepper systems, you can much better high-speed performance than open loop stepper systems by increasing up to 30%. Such systems are also ideal to replace brushless servo systems to offer huge starting and low speed torques. You can get more information on Leadshine Easy servo Products page.


Leadshine ES-M22430 easy servo motor can also be driven by regular open loop 2 phase stepper drives or multi-axis stepper drives, and output encoder signals to motion controllers, or external devices.

Technical Data
Holding Torque(N.M)3
Speed Range(RPM)0   to 2000



Speed-Torque Curve


Product Category
L e a d s h i n e
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