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  • Step and direction control

  • Closed position loop for no loss of movement synchronization

  • No loss of steps; no hunting; no overshooting; Direct 110/120/220/230 VAC input

  • Operating voltage: 150 - 230 VAC or 212 - 325 VDC

  • Load based output current of 0.5 - 6.0 A

  • High torque at starting and low speed

  • No torque reservation

  • High stiffness at standstill

  • Significantly reduced motor heating

  • Smooth motor movement and extra low motor noise

  • Quick response, no delay and zero settling time

  • On-board LED panel for custom configuration and motion mode display

  • Plug-and-play and no tuning

  • Also capable of driving normal 3 phase stepper motor

ES-DH2306 is one of the models in Leadshine ES-DH series easy servo drives which can take direct 110/120 or 220/230 VAC  input voltage, and output 0.5 - 8.0 A (ES-DH1208) or 0.5 - 6.0 A (ES-DH2306) continuous load-based current. It is capable of driving NEMA 34 and 42 easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders) with the position loop closed in real time.


Based on latest DSP technology and adopting Leadshine's advanced control algorithm, ES-DH2306 easy servo drive applies servo control on easy servo motors. When adopted with an easy servo motor, it combines features of both open loop steppers & brushless servo systems, and offers many unique advances features for excellent motion control system performance.


Same as servo drives in traditional brushless servo systems, an ES-DH2306 easy servo drive takes encoder feedback from a driven ES-MH series easy servo motor to close the position loop and eliminate the possibility of lose of movement synchronization. Therefore, loss of steps which limits adoption of stepper systems is totally eliminated in ES-DH2306 driven easy servo systems. Compared with constant output current in open loop stepper drive, output current from an ES-DH2306 servo drive to the driven motor is load based. When torque requirement is low, the output current is automatically lowered to the level of "just enough". But when the torque requirement is high, an ES-DH2306 easy servo drive can boost the output current quickly, up to 6.0A. This can significantly improve control system response time, offer excellent acceleration performance, and reduce motor heating by as much as 50% over open-loop stepper systems. Also, there is no torque reservation needed for an ES-DH2306 driven easy servo system. In an ES-DH2306 driven easy servo system, it always allows 100% torque implementation available from the driven easy servo motor and thus improves system high speed performance by as much as 30% over comparable open loop stepper systems. In addition, smoothness and quietness are also significantly improved in ES-DH2306 driven easy servo systems over steppers.


Compared with traditional brushless servo systems, cost for ES-DH2306 driven easy servo systems is significantly lower. Starting and low-speed huge output torque from an EM-DH2306 driven easy servo motor is way higher than torque from simliar size brushless servo motors. Such systems also outperform comparable traditional brushless servo systems for high standstill stiffness, no hunting (shaking), no overshooting, almost zero settling time, and plug-and-play setup with no tuning for most applications. In addition, plug-and-play setup for almost all applications makes ES-DH2306 driven easy servo system much simple to set up, over hard-to-configure brushless servo systems which usual involve configurations of tens of parameters.


When an ES-DH2306 easy servo drive is implemented with a Leadshine ES-MH series easy servo motor, there is No Configuration Needed for almost all applications. For fine tuning or custom configurations, a user can simply use the on-board  LED display to perform all the setup.


Besides powering easy servo motors (stepper motors with encoders), an ES-DH2306 easy servo drive can also drive normal 3 phase stepper motors. This is very convenient for machine builders to adopt ES-DH2306 in different applications to share same mechanic components for easy product and inventory management.


ES-DH2306 standard model takes step & direction control commands, which is very easy to implement in OEM applications with high torque requirement, when combined with Leadshine ES-MH series easy sero motors. Leadshine can also offer control options of RS485, CANopen, and EtherCAT for high volume OEM clients.


ES-DH2306 driven easy servo systems have been widely adopted by many Leadshine OEM clients to upgrade their open-loop stepper systems or replace brushless servo systems in industries such as CNC machineries, robotics, packaging, textile…

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