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Easy tuning, flexible to control

Automatic identification for motor type

Pulse & direction/Analog Input/Modbus

Notch filter, Damping filter

Dynamic brake

17-Bit/23-Bit absolute encoder

Internal resistor

ELP series AC servo products are high performance AC digital servo which is designed for position/velocity/torque high accurate control,power range up to 2kW and it can provide intelligent performance with easy tuning process.

Combined with abundant features like MFC,vibration suppression,Multi-mode filter function,etc.It provides machines a compact size,low tuning works.With high resolution up to 23-Bit,which can be used for high accuracy applications.

Technical Data
Servo   drive model:ELP-RS750Z
Rated output power:750W
Rated output current(A):5.5
Max output current(A):16.5
Main power:1-phase   190Vac – 240Vac , 50/60Hz
Control mode:IGBT   SVPWM sinusoidal wave control
Feedback mode:17bit   single-turn incremental encoder/23bit multi-turn absolute encoder
Input pulse:0-500kHZ,5V   differential input
Position band width:200HZ
Electronic gear ratio:1~8388608/1~8388608
Analog input:-10~10Vdc,input   resistance 20KΩ, no isolation
Velocity bandwidth:500HZ
Input signal:DI:   9 programable digital inputs, allows sink connection. Servo enable,   over-travel inhibition, gain switching, command pulse inhibition, speed zero   clamp, deviation counter clear, alarm clear
Output signal:DO:   6 programable digital outputs. Alarm output, servo-ready, at-speed,   zero-detection, velocity coincidence
Encoder signal output:A   phase, B phase, Z phase, long-distance drive mode output
Alarm function:Over-voltage,   under-voltage, over-current, over-load, encoder error, position deviation   error, brake alarm, limit alarm, over-speed error etc.
Debug software:All   setting values of current loop, velocity loop , position loop can be modified   and saved with Motion Studio software , all setting values can be downloaded   and uploaded
Communication interface:USB   for configuration
    Modbus based on RS485
Brake mode:Built-in   brake resistor or external resistor
Adapt load inertia:Less   than 30 times motor inertia
weight:About   1.5-3Kg



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