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  • Brushless construction, reliable industrial quality

  • High torque density, and optimized for quick response

  • 60mm frame size, 36 VDC rated voltage, 200W rated power

  • 4,000 CPR (1000-line) incremental encoder with A, B, indexing signals

  • 0.64 N-m  rated torque / 1.92 N-m peak

  • 3,000 RPM rated speed 

  • 5,000 RPM peak

  • Standard cabling options to ELD2 series servo drives

ELDM6020V36GL-A5 is a 200W brushless AC servo motor with 1000 lines encoder, 3,000 RPM continuous speed and 5,000 RPM Peak. When driven by Leadshine ELD2 series servo drives, this servo motor can run very smoothly between from 1 - 5,000 RPM quietly at very high precision. It has been implemented in hundreds of industrial OEM applications around the world.

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Product Category
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