Application of Leadshine DC Servo Drive in Cross-belt Sorter

Application of Leadshine DC Servo Drive in Cross-belt Sorter

【Abstract】 This paper mainly introduces Leadshine DC servo system with its high response, Low power consumption, high cost-effective, is successfully used in cross-belt sorter, it has won a high degree of customer recognition.

【Keywords】Leadshine servo; cross-belt sorter; low power consumption; efficient


1. Overview

1.1 Equipment Introduction

Cross-belt sorter is consists of continuous carriages, rail, induction, sorting crossing, and barcode scanner. The goods are automatically guided into the sorter carriage smoothly through the induction station, and the goods are smoothly unloaded to the designated slot through the movement of the carriage belt after the scanner reads the code and the database address query. Cross-belt sorter is widely used in express, e-commerce, clothing, food, cosmetics, airports, medicine and other industries.

Cross-belt sorter 


1.2 Sorting process

During operation, according to the instructions given by the management system, when the carriage moves to the specified sorting position, the motor turns the belt and completes the task of sorting the items out.


Sorting process 

2. Leadshine Solution


2.1 System Configuration

System Configuration 


2.2 Products Configuration


Light load

Heavy load

Drive model



Motor model

Brushless / Servo   roller motors


2.3 Solution Advantages

High efficiency and accurate sorting

The loop can run at speeds of 3m/s, significantly improving sorting efficiency.

Equipped with high precision encoder, the carriages stop at accuracy position.

Energy saving and quiet

Dedicated algorithm to reduce power consumption, with standby power consumption controlled at around 5W.

Smooth speed, reduced vibration and reduced running noise.

Solution details
Product Title Product Model Product Description
ELD2-RS7020B Servo Drive ELD2-RS7020B The ELD2-RS7020B servo drive operates in torque, velocity, or position mode. This servo drive can be controlled over the Modbus RTU, ±10V analog commands, and pulse train.
ELVM8075V48FH-M17-HD Servo Motor ELVM8075V48FH-M17-HD Frame size 80mm, rated 750W, rated torque 2.39Nm, rated voltage 48VDC.
L e a d s h i n e
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