Application of Leadshine DC Servo Drive in AGV&AMR

Application of Leadshine DC Servo Drive in AGV&AMR

【Abstract】 This paper mainly introduces Leadshine DC servo system with its high overload, high response, compact, high cost-effective, is successfully used in AGV&AMR, it has won a high degree of customer recognition.

【Keywords】Leadshine servo; AGV; AMR; Efficient


1.1 Equipment Introduction


AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle.

An automatic guided vehicle system (AGVS) consists of one or more computer-controlled, wheel-based load carriers (normally battery powered) that run on the plant or warehouse floor (or if outdoors, on a paved area) without the need for an onboard operator or driver. Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are implemented across facilities to move materials and enhance efficiency and productivity while reducing product damage and labor cost. AGVs allow workers to be assigned to tasks where they could add value to the product rather than performing redundant and risky tasks.


Automated Guided Vehicle 


1.2 AGV structure

AGV structure 


2.1 System Configuration

System Configuration 


2.2 Products Configuration

General configuration

Drive model



Motor model




Dual-axis configuration

Drive model


Motor model




Integrated servo motor configuration





2.3 Solution Advantages

High load capacity

The servo system supports triple overload of the motor.

High positioning accuracy

The motor is equipped with a high-precision encoder and the drive uses an S-curve to plan acceleration and deceleration, the AGV starts and stops gently.

Save space

Compact design.

Integrated servo motors reduce cables, and easy to wire.

Open communication with control system

CANopen (CiA 301  CiA402)

Solution details
Product Title Product Model Product Description
iSV2-CAN8075V48H Integrated Servo Motor iSV2-CAN8075V48H CANopen communication, rated power 750W, rated voltage 48VDC, frame size: 80 mm.
iSV2-CAN6040V48H Integrated Servo Motor iSV2-CAN6040V48H CANopen communication, rated power 400W, rated voltage 48VDC, frame size: 60 mm.
ELD2-CAN7020B Servo Drive ELD2-CAN7020B The ELD2-CAN7020B servo drive can be controlled over CANopen. This servo drive operates in Profile Position, Profile velocity, Profile Torque, or Homing mode.
ELD2-CAN7010B Servo Drive ELD2-CAN7010B The ELD2-CAN7010B servo drive can be controlled over CANopen. This servo drive operates in Profile Position, Profile velocity, Profile Torque, or Homing mode.
2ELD2-CAN7020B Servo Drive 2ELD2-CAN7020B The 2ELD2-CAN7020B servo drive can be controlled over CANopen and ±10V analog commands.
ELVM8075V48FH-M17-HD Servo Motor ELVM8075V48FH-M17-HD Frame size 80mm, rated 750W, rated torque 2.39Nm, rated voltage 48VDC.
ELVM6040V48FH-M17-HD Servo Motor ELVM6040V48FH-M17-HD Frame size 60mm, rated 400W, rated torque 1.27Nm, rated voltage 48VDC.
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