Application of Leadshine EL7 Series Servo Drive in Steerable Wheel Sorter

Application of Leadshine EL7 Series Servo Drive in Steerable Wheel Sorter

【Abstract】 This paper mainly introduces Leadshine EL7 series servo system with its high accuracy, high response, high value, is successfully used in steerable wheel sorter, it has won a high degree of customer recognition.

【Keywords】Leadshine servo; steerable wheel sorter; efficient


1. Overview

1.1 Equipment Introduction

Steerable Wheel Sorter is composed of conveying equipment, driving wheels, conveying motors, rotating motors, servo controllers, etc. The main line adopts belt conveyors or roller conveyors, which can quickly and accurately convey the goods on the main line and sort to the corresponding branch conveyor without manual operation. It is widely used in sorting links of various logistics distribution centers that require high efficiency and good economy.

Steerable Wheel Sorter 


1.2 Sorting process

During operation, the steering controller changes the direction of the conveyor rollers according to the instructions given by the management system, so that goods can be sorted on the left and right.

Sorting process 


2. Leadshine Solution


2.1 System Configuration

System Configuration 


2.2 Products Configuration

Drive model


Motor model



2.3 Solution Advantages



Fast response and precise positioning, the maximum sorting efficiency is 7000 pieces/hour.

Easy to control

Support for multiple command sources: Pulse+Direction/Modbus RTU/ CANopen/ EtherCAT.

Unattended, automatic operation

Solution details
Product Title Product Model Product Description
EL7-RS750Z Servo Drive EL7-RS750Z Modbus RTU communication, rated power 750W, rated voltage 220VAC 1ph
L e a d s h i n e
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