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Leadshine coreless micro servo system made a shocking debut at the 2023 SPS exhibition

Date:16,November, 2023

The world-renowned industrial automation exhibition SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany officially opened on November 14th. As the world's largest and most influential international industrial automation technology exhibition, SPS covers series of parts and components to complete sets of equipment and integrated automation solutions, innovative technologies, industry trends and other information convergence. Located in the center of Hall 1, Leadshine booth was flooded with visitors. Leadshine motion control products and industry solutions received enthusiastic attention from global visitors, among which the response to the new products related to the robotics industry was particularly exciting.

2023 SPS exhibition

SPS exhibiton-2

Leadshine exhibits the "coreless micro servo system" for the first time at this SPS exhibition, which attracted close attention from many European and American humanoid robot and joint module manufacturers, who streamed toward Leadshine booth for further long term cooperation discussion.

Product features:

This micro system consists of three parts: ultra-compact servo drive, micro encoder, and coreless micro motor, with compact size, excellent high and low speed performance, and extremely high power density; the overall performance has reached the world-class level. The motor size covers the range of 10-35mm, and the EtherCat bus micro driver is smaller than the size of a business card, which is particularly suitable for emerging fields such as dexterous hands for humanoid robots.

coreless micro servo system

The stunning debut of Leadshine micro drive ELD3-mini series has impressed and shocked many European and American robot manufacturers. This series of high-quality products benchmarks against the best micro drive counterparts in Europe and the United States.

Product features:

The whole series of ELD3 drives support EtherCAT bus communication, power range covering 10~1000W, with built-in high-bandwidth and high-performance AC servo advanced algorithms library, can drive coreless motors, frameless torque motors, linear servo motors, rotary servo motors, voice coil motors, DDR direct-drive motors and other small and medium-sized servo motors.


The ELD3-mini series micro drives are widely used in the applications like humanoid robot dexterous hands, collaborative robot joints, AGV/AMR mobile vehicles, medical equipment, aerospace etc. Customized design according to different application needs is also available.

coreless micro servo system

Since 2009, Leadshine overseas team has participated in the Germany SPS exhibition for ten consecutive years, and has accumulated rich customer resources. After four years of COVID-19, Leadshine returned strongly with a full series of motion control products and multi-industry solutions. In addition to the blockbuster new products introduced earlier, Leadshine also displayed the following full product lines:

1. Industrial grade economical, general and intelligent control PLC series and various types of IO modules, all supporting Codesys.

2. EL7 AC servo series supporting EtherCAT/PROFINET communication, and high-end EL8 AC servo series supporting SIL3 STO safety function, full closed-loop function, gantry synchronization, Biss-C protocol encoder. EL8L/EL7L series drives supporting linear motion control.

3. Dual-axis EtherCAT stepper drives, dual-axis EtherNet/IP stepper drives, and stepper drives supporting ProfiNet communication. These bus drive products are equipped with STO safety function as standard for meeting with European and American market markets. High-end 5-phase stepper drives that can meet customers' high-precision application needs.


Leadshine product lines

European and American customers, peers and distribution partners have been deeply shocked by the new stunning appearance of Leadshine, and gathered at Leadshine booth for the long-term cooperation discussion. We believe that, Leadshine overseas business is about to enter a new phase of exponential growth!

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