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First phase of Leadshine overseas marketing English training camp ended perfectly

Date:2,September, 2022

The golden autumn of September is the harvest season of the year. Same for Leadshine. after the summer vacation adjustment, overseas customers have come back to work with full strength.

Meanwhile, Leadshine overseas department continued to meet the challenges and opportunities in the second half of the year with full enthusiasm and professional working attitude.

Leadshine Overseas Business Department has always been the gathering place of the company's high quality compound talents. Overseas sales team has gathered a group of high-level talents who are proficient in product technology, English communication, business development, market research and other comprehensive skills. As the backbone of Leadshine international strategic development, the company's senior management attaches great importance to the cultivation and training of overseas sales team skills, and strives to build a winning marketing army. Coinciding with the coming of the golden autumn, the overseas business department organized the first English training camp, simulating the actual business development scene, from the company presentation, product introduction, customer interaction Q&A etc, aiming to show the English oral expression ability, product familiarity, communication skill, etc., improve the on-the-spot adaptability and customer satisfaction in actual business development.

Part 1 Company Presentation

Company presentation is a crucial part of communication with overseas customers, especially new customers. It directly affects whether customers' first impression of the company is good or bad, whether they are interested in further communication, and even whether they have long-term cooperation willingness. Based on this demand, participants need to elaborate in detail according to their own understanding of different dimensions such as company development, products and industry applications, and market prospects. The pronunciation, speed and intonation of spoken English, and the richness and coherence of speech content are the main evaluation indicators.

All the participants were well prepared and performed confidently in the session. They presented the company's strength and development prospects to the audience in fluent English, which won the enthusiastic applause.

Company Presentation

Part 2 'Customer' Q&A

Choose an actual business scenario for rehearsal, such as the first online video conference with a new customer, or a on-site visit to the equipment manufacturer etc. The judges play the role of customers and ask 2~5 questions to the speaker, aiming to test the speaker's adaptability, market acumen, and familiarity with the company's products and marketing policies etc.

This session has high requirements for the speakers’ comprehensive quality. From their own experience, each speaker gives patient answers to all kinds of tricky questions, which fully reflects the "customer-centric" service spirit of Leadshine.

Part 3 Wrap-up review

The sales elites and judges who participated in the training camp reviewed and summarized this activity in this session. The team members spoke one by one, pointing out their respective advantages and shortcomings that need to be improved. The judges gave high praise to this activity and encouraged everyone pursue better work performance. The team leader made the final comment, applauded for the careful preparation and wonderful performance of each sales elite, and reminded everyone to insist on continuous improvement. The original intention of this activity is to improve the overall quality and business development ability of the entire sales team, only in this way, can we better serve global customers and achieve win-win long-term development.

Wrap-up review

At the end of this activity, the judges presented gifts and cash rewards to sales elites who participated in the training camp, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts, adhere to the values of 'customer-centric', pay attention to customers’ pain points and needs, and build important communication bridge between Leadshine and global customers, explore new markets and growth points for higher achievements!

First phase of Leadshine overseas marketing English training camp ended perfectly

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