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Linear Power Supplies

Linear Power Supplies


  • Specially designed to power stepper and servo systems
  • Simple design for high reliability
  • Quick response to constant current change
  • Excellent in resisting in electronical interference
  • 3 main outputs plus 1 auxiliary output 
  • 220 VAC ± 10% input.
  • Output voltage of 36 or 68 VDC with up to 500W rated power
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection

Leadshine PS series linear power supplies were specifically designed to power stepper and servo systems. In stepper and servo systems, frequent speed and torque changes result in frequent current changes drawing from power supplies. When accelerating, servo / stepper drive draws high current and requires quick response for the power supplies. In de-acceleration, stepper / servo motors generates EMF charge-back voltage back to servo / stepper drives, which will require the power supplies to “absorb” such voltage to protect the damage of connected stepper / servo drives.

Leadshine PS series linear power supplies can satisfy the above needs in stepper and servo systems with simple design and big built-in bulky capacitors. Each of PS power supplies come with 3 main outputs of 36 or 68 VDC to allow the connection of multiple stepper or servo drives. Each PS power supply also has an auxiliary output which can output 12VDC/1A, or 5 VDC/1A to power other electronic components in control systems. At very effective cost, Leadshine linear power supplies are highly reliable and perform very well in resisting external electric interference.

Available Products

Model Series Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Output Current
Peak Current
Rated Power
PS405-5PS220 VAC36200175*119*701.6
PS405-12PS220 VAC365A200175*119*701.6
PS408-5PS220 VAC368A300175*119*702.0
PS408-12PS220 VAC368A300175*119*702.0
PS804-5PS220 VAC684A300175*119*702.0
PS804-12PS220 VAC684A300175*119*702.0
PS806-5PS220 VAC686A500215*130*703.5
PS806-12PS220 VAC686A500215*130*703.5