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ELD2 Series - Advanced Brushless Servo Drives


  • Easy tuning
  • Automatic identification for motor
  • Simple, flexible to control
  • Pulse+dir/Analog/RS485/CANopen
  • Notch filter, Damping filter
  • Optional feedback

ELD2 low-voltage AC servo is a special motion control product designed for machines and applications that request a best balance outstanding and reasonable cost.

Combined with abundant features like MFC, vibration suppression, Multi-mode filter function etc. It provide machines a compact size, low tuning works, but high resolution encoder up to 5000 lines, an unique servo system.

Available Products in ELD2 Series
Model Series Control Type Input Voltage
Continuous Output Current
Peak Output Current
Max Rated Power
ELD2-RS7015BELD2step+direction analog input modbus/RS48524-701545600RS485
ELD2-RS7020BELD2step+direction analog input modbus/RS48524-702080750RS485
ELD2-RS7030BELD2step+direction analog input modbus/RS48524-7030901200RS485