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3ND583 - 3 Phase Analog Stepper Drive; Max 50 VDC / 8.3A


  • High performance, low noise and lost cost   
  • Low driver heating and low motor heating 
  • Supply voltage up to 50 VDC 
  • Output current up to 8.3A (RMS 5.9A) 
  • Input signal TTL compatible 
  • Automatic idle-current reduction 
  • Suitable for 3-phase stepping motors, including 3 lead and 6 lead motors
  • Optically isolated differential input signals, pulse frequency up to 300 KHz
  • 8 selectable resolutions up to 10000 steps/rev
  • DIP switch current setting with 16 different values
  • PUL/DIR & CW/CCW modes optional
  • Over-voltage, short-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection
  • Small size for easy mounting

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The 3ND583 is a high resolution 3-phase microstepping driver based on precision current control technology. It’s suitable for driving 3-phase hybrid stepping motors from NEMA size 17 to 34. By using the advanced pure-sinusoidal current control technology, both the noise and vibration of the stepping motor have been greatly reduced, which makes the stepping motors offer servo-like performances. Compared to the 3MD560, it’s lighter and smaller, and compared to most of the microstepping drivers in the market, both driver heating and motor heating have been reduced by 15-30%.

* Pb-Free or CE/UL approved versions optional. Contact Leadshine or see more information in its hardware manual please. 

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