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AM882 - 2 Phase Digital Stepper Drive With Stall Detection; Max 80 VDC / 8.2A


  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Extra-low motor noise offers excellent quietness
  • Optimizes torque and nulls mid-range instability
  • Self-test and Auto-configuration technology
  • Options to set output current and microstep relolutions via DIP switch or software
  • Microstep from 1 to 512
  • Supply voltage up to +80 VDC
  • Output current programmable, from  0.5A to 8.2A
  • Automatic idle-current reduction and reduction rate is software configurable
  • Fault out prevents damages to your machines or the materials

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By implementing advanced DSP current control algorithm, Leadshine AM882 is a advanced high performance 2-phase digital stepper drive. It takes step & direction control commands, and is very simple to implement in OEM applications.

Without an external sensor such as an encoder, the AM882 stepper drive can automatically identify 100% of stall of driven motors at 300 RPM or above, and send fault signals back to motion controller or other devices The AM882 stepper drive also adopts advanced features like electrical damping, anti-resonance, start-up smoothing, multi-stepping... With the input voltage of 20 - 80 VDC and output current of 0.5 - 8.2A, it is capable of driving a wide range of 2-phase stepper motors with high precision at extra smoothness, quietness, and very low motor heating. Its Multi-Stepping feature allows a low resolution step input to produce a much higher microstep output for smoother & quiet motor movement, and much lower motor heating. This will significantly improve the performance of your stepper control systems.

The AM882 stepper drive is easy to setup and configure via DIP switches. There are 15 resolution settings from 400 - 25600, and 7 output current settings from 2.7 - 8.2. Also, the user can simply set the idle current to full (100%) or 50% of the output current via a DIP switch. Its motor auto identification and drive self-configuration feature allows quick and easy setup for various motors at optimal performance.

Leadshine also offers matched stepper motors for the AM882 with their optimized configurations stored in the stepper drive. The user only needs to use the motor rotary switch to select the right motor, and the AM882 will automatically load the pre-setting optimized settings for best performance.

For driving a non-Leadshine stepper motor, a user can use the 'Motor Auto Identification and Configuration' feature of the AM882 to get optimized performance.

For advanced users, Leadshine offers tuning software for performance fine-tuning. The user can tune a stepper motor's three resonance areas (usually around 1 rps, 2 rps, and 4 rps) to reduce noise and vibration, set microstep resolution to any value from 200 to 104,000 (increase by 200), and configure output current to any value of 0.5 - 8.2A (increased by 0.1A); and idle current of 1-100% of output current.

* Pb-Free or CE/UL approved versions optional. Contact Leadshine or see more information in its hardware manual please.

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