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PS804-12 - 68VDC / 4A Linear Power Supply with 12VDC / 1A Auxiliary; 180 - 250 AC Input


  • Low cost and high reliability
  • 3 main outputs plus 1 auxiliary output
  • Input voltage of 180-250 VAC.
  • Output 68 VDC and 4 A at 220 VAC input.
  • An extra 12 VDC/1A auxiliary output.
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
  • Simple structure

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The PS series linear power supplies are specifically designed to power stepper and servo systems. They have 3 group main output connectors for stepper & servo drives, and 1 auxiliary output (5V/1A, or 12V/1A) for customer use. By selecting appropriate model, one PS power supply can supply 1-3 drives, saving the average cost of per shaft. When stepper or servo system running, the driving current varies extremely fast, which is belonged to inductive load, herein the drives and power supplies would be damaged easily if used normal power supplies. PS series supplies are capable of delivering current to drives without affecting the reliability due to their unregulated specialty and bulky capacitors.