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CS-M23445B - CS-M23445B


  • 2 phase, NEMA 34 frame size
  • 135 mm (5.31 inch) long
  • 4 A phase current
  • 4.0 N.m (567 oz-in) holding torque
  • 14 mm (0.551 inch) shaft size
  • 24VDC brake
  • High precision, low motor heating, and low noise
  • Integrated 1,000 line (4,000 count/revolution) quadrature rotary encoder

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The CS-M23445B is a 2 phase NEMA 34 closed loop stepper motor with 4.0 N.m (567 oz-in) holding torque and integrated with a 24 volt permanent magnet brake with 4.0 N.m (567 oz-in) friction torque.
Built with premium quality materials including bearings and shaft made by Japanese manufacturers, this CS-M23445B stepper motor can move the attached load at high precision and with very low motor heating & vibration.
The integrated 24 VDC brake can be controlled by a closed loop stepper drive or another control device such as a PLC or motion controller, and automatically engaged whenever the motor is powered off.
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