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Leadshine has successfully registered 6 overseas trademarks
Date:26/5/2020 9:11:43 Hits:407 | Print | Back

In order to protect the export of Leadshine products from being forged by competitors, overseas agents can better promote and sell Leadshine products. Recently, Leadshine has successfully filed 6 trademarks in export customs, which will bring better protection to Leadshine products and overseas agents officially authorized by Leadshine.

Benefits of overseas trademark filing:

1.Prevent trademarks from being pre-registered by others

The lessons of many large enterprises constantly remind us that if there is no trademark awareness and the brand or product does not apply for overseas trademark registration in time, the losses caused are unpredictable.

2.Lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the brand

Overseas trademark registration is not an optional issue. Trademarks play a decisive role in the development of a brand or an enterprise. Applying for registration early will not only prevent our products from being excluded, but also prevent the sales market from being seized by others.

3. Is an effective way to improve the competitiveness of enterprisesd

The most important purpose of overseas trademark registration is to obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark in the country where the goods are sold. After successful registration, other competing products cannot use the same or similar trademarks on similar products. After the export commodities are registered in the country of sale, when a trademark dispute arises, a lawsuit can be brought. Because the trademark is protected by the laws of the country, it can protect the rights and interests and greatly improve the competitiveness of the enterprise.